Los Angeles Legal Proceedings And Entertainment Industry Affected By COVID-19

Editor’s Note: Los Angeles legal proceedings and the entertainment industry have been greatly affected by COVID-19. LA Attorney and Haute Lawyer partner Keith Berglund updates on the latest.

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We need to set a message that is anew, not a redo. LA County is once again in almost complete lockdown and that is destroying many businesses such as restaurants, bars, and hospitality concerns that are so important to cities like Los Angeles and Miami.

The court docket has become so congested that to get hearings, you have to wait a long time which hearings are now conducted via court call rather than in-person proceedings. For example, If one files a court pleading such as a demurrer today, often times the party will not get a hearing date until several months in the future.

In terms of the film and TV production business, there are many different ways that the lockdown is adversely impacting the production process and myriad interests that must be respected and protected in the film making process. For example, employees/contractors that have COVID-19 concerns must have their concerns appropriately addressed to continue the filming process unabated. If an employee/contractor is a key member of the production team, the filming process can be significantly delayed unless the COVID-19 concerns are adequately addressed

The resurgence of COVID-19 cases has reduced space in the emergency rooms to virtually nil in many parts of LA County. Thus, as a practical problem, if someone gets hurt while filming, can they get access to a nearby hospital? The COVID-19 surges that LA County is experiencing in December and January transcend the prior surges. Because of prior experience with the lockdown, people are more adjusted to living and doing business – for those businesses that are still allowed to operate – under the lockdown restrictions. Most counties in southern California are following the lead of Governor Newsom during the lockdown – certain pockets of Orange County being the exception.

How are people going to view films now? Warner released its latest movies through streaming services. We have learned to work remotely. This will affect the economics of putting projects together, what type of movies will be released, and how they will be released. People are adapting and will continue to do so in movie/TV production and distribution business. Business will continue to evolve to fit the unfortunate situation the world is now in.

We have been through several levels of the COVID-19 depravations. We do what we can do. We must maintain a positive attitude and try to help those that are less fortunate.

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