Property People Law Settle Expensive Florida Homeowners’ Insurance Claims

Editor’s Note: Haute Lawyer partners Danny Ilani and Nicole Houman, founders of The Property People and expert Property Damage Insurance litigators, highlight some of the recent successes they have achieved for their clients.

The Property People - croppedPhoto Credit: Courtesy of The Property People

$110,000 Settlement

When this client, a senior US veteran, first approached us, he had lost all faith in his insurance company. An initial catastrophic plumbing loss had left him without the use of his master bath shower, toilet, and faucet. Months later, another leak in the second bathroom had him without the use of ANY plumbing. His first claim was denied and his second claim was underpaid. With a Civil Remedy Notice to address the carrier’s bad faith and subsequent litigation, we fought long and hard to get him what he needed.

$127,000 Settlement

Carriers are picking new fights over the “matching statute” and whether or not continuous flooring, or replacement of both upper and lower cabinetry must be covered. Make no mistake – Florida Stat. Ann. § 626.9744 requires the insurer to “make reasonable repairs or replacement of items in adjoining areas” when there is a loss requiring replacement of items and the replaced items do not match in quality, color, or size. This client recovered for a significant span of marble flooring and built-in cabinetry after a bad supply line leak!

$49,000 Settlement

Another early settlement got this client enough to cover expensive Hurricane damages to her unique coral wall. The holidays are here and so many insurance company adjusters are already out and asleep at the wheel.

For property damage claims arising from everything from Hurricane Irma to Hurricane Sally to Hurricane Eta, from kitchen pipe leaks to bathroom pipe leaks, we at The Property People are aggressive litigators committed to pursuing full and fair recoveries for property owners. No matter how big or small the claim, they will analyze the issues and pursue the best possible recovery on behalf of their clients. Best of all, due to Florida statute, our legal services do not require our clients to pay ANY fees or costs out of pocket, at any point in time. Is your residential or commercial property damaged? Do you have an insurance policy? Are you letting your insurance company hold onto your premiums without paying you the damages you deserve to repair your property? Call or email The Property People to find out!