Protecting Your Business, With Attorney Brett Trembly

Editor’s Note: Brett Trembly, business law and litigation attorney in South Florida and member of the Haute Lawyer network of top attorneys, joined us for a Q&A on the importance of protecting your business on all legal aspects, covering every base of the enterprise. As Founder of Trembly Law Firm, he changes the way legal services are delivered to South Florida business owners.

Brett TremblyPhoto Credit: Courtesy of Trembly Law Firm

Haute Lawyer: Brett, thanks so much for joining us today. Tell us, why is now more important than ever to protect your business?

Brett Trembly: A business is only as strong as its foundations (processes, procedures, legal, etc.). COVID-19 has, in several ways, tested the foundations of many businesses and permanently revamped several aspects of how business is done. For business to not just survive, but recover and thrive, it’s a critical time for businesses to ensure that fundamental protections are in place or revamped to take into consideration our new realities.

Additionally, many people see now as the right time to expand or engage in new ventures and the beginning of a new venture is a critical time to get an attorney involved.

HL: What potential pitfalls do small business owners see today more than before?

The potential pitfalls are the same that they ever were—they are just manifesting themselves differently. Businesses have Five Danger Zones™ they need to consider: Corporate Infrastructure, Employment Matters, Contracts and Lease Agreements, Intellectual Property, and Regulatory Compliance.

HL: How do they benefit from the right type of counsel?

BT: No lawyer can prevent disputes or issues from arising for a client. The right kind of counsel can be the reason that a business either: 1) avoids an issue altogether; 2) saves a lot of money and time in resolving a legal issue; or 3) gets a positive result in an unavoidable conflict.

HL: What areas of your practice have you used the most this year? Why?

BT: On the business law side, we have been most involved in: 1) provide SBA loan program interpretations; 2) helping create and structure businesses; 3) representing businesses in various transactions; 4) guiding employers on employment issues including the interpretation of new employment laws and regulations, and 5) navigating partnership/corporate ownership disputes,

On the litigation side, our litigation department is still going strong as cases are being filed and developed. While jury trials have been on a standstill, cases have been active, proceeding with Zoom evidentiary hearings and bench trials, discovery disputes, depositions, mediations, and arbitrations.

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