U.S. International Trade Commission Chooses New WebEx Application For Legal FedRAMP Video Teleconferencing

The U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) publicly stated July 20th that they have chosen WebEx Application Layer Gateway meetings as its FedRAMP video teleconferencing solution during the COVID-19 crisis; for hearings and conferences involving Confidential Business Information (CBI). The Administrative Law Judge who oversees each investigation has the responsibility to determine and finalize appropriate hearing procedures during a global pandemic.

U.S. International Trade CommissionPhoto Credit: shutterstock

WebEx Meeting, and several ALJs (Application Layer Gateways) have already issued new orders regarding these procedures and protocols to be followed with strict regulation.

The U.S. International Trade Commission has been working to move investigations forward since the beginning of the crisis. finalizing a conclusion just months ago for a better resolution. ITC’s policy regarding the treatment of CBIs has brought challenges to these objectives. The adoption of the ITC’s COVID-19 Action Plan, since early March, has allowed them to actively explore technological new resources and researching options, thus acquiring a secure FedRAMP certified video teleconferencing software. As part of those efforts, the ITC established a 337 Virtual Hearing Working Groups. 

For the past several months the ITC has worked tirelessly to acquire solutions for conducting market research on numerous Video teleconferencing software that will satisfy all applicable parties; with technological and security standards being the key to successful meetings. The ITC researched and reviewed protocols and video teleconferencing software currently used by law firms, federal and state courts, as well as private companies and corporations. They also initiated the development of internal guidelines and also developed technical requirements for the new platform’s security requirements.

The ITC is in the process of implementing WebEx Meetings as the new standard and will present more details as they become available during the planned transition. The U.S. International Trade Commission will continue to use other video telecommunication conferencing software for tele-hearings and conferences that do not involve CBI related items.

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