Make Sure Your Cosmetic Dentist Has These 4 Qualities


So many doors start to open up for someone who has a vibrant, arresting smile. It’s undeniable. In this day and age, more and more people inside and outside of the beauty world stress the importance of healthy, aesthetically pleasing teeth and gums. Not everyone has the time or the patience to deal with achieving a perfect smile the old-fashioned way. This usually entails having to endure metallic or ceramic braces, perhaps Invisalign if you’re a candidate. Cosmetic dentistry is a specialized area of dentistry that requires artistry and artifice, an option for people who are on the go, or adults both young and old who would rather not sit in braces for 18-24 months.

As new dentists spring up around every corner claiming to be one-stop shops for all-inclusive smile makeovers, it’s important to separate the pulp from the noise. It’s important to find a reputable cosmetic dentist; it’s a crucial step in achieving that smile you’ve always secretly desired. Think of yourself as a talent scout, actively seeking out prospects to help put you on the road to celebrity-style teeth. Here are a few ways to make sure that your cosmetic dentist is right for you:

1.Get referrals. Have you noticed someone in your group of friends or at your job that has a smile that turns heads? If you don’t, start looking around. Before long you’ll find somebody who has an exquisite smile, a smile that you would like to take for a test drive. Ask them who they use, and nine times out of ten they’ll be forthcoming with the information. You can even ask a complete stranger at the grocery store. It’s a great way to give somebody else a compliment that just might make their day, a great way to start a conversation. You never know, you might’ve just met your new bestie.

2. Take a look at their online reputation. View your prospective cosmetic dentist’s smile gallery to see what kind of results they can achieve. Most dentists are craftsman just like any other trade. The good ones will be proud of their work, just like any other artist. Their website should give you a good understanding of their vibe and their services. If their customers are not 100% satisfied, do they make every effort to resolve any issues? Also make sure that the dentist specializes in cosmetic dentistry if that’s what you need.

3. Take a look at their qualifications. Look at the top dental schools and see if any of your prospects graduated from one of those schools. Check to see if they’ve received any special accreditations or certifications. For instance, the dentists at Bedford Dental Group in Beverly Hills have advanced certifications for the Invisalign system, which earned them the distinction as an Invisalign Premier Provider.

4. Look at their location and their clientele. If you live near a large city, it might be worth the drive to visit a dentist who operates out of a more demanding market. For example, if you live in Anaheim, CA (home of Disneyland), you might consider visiting our dental office in Beverly Hills. We have distinguished ourselves as movie star smile gurus in a very competitive market, working with movie stars and movie buffs, helping patients achieve smiles that are natural, healthy, and red-carpet ready!

Just remember, when you’re choosing your cosmetic dentist, it’s important that you realize this dentist will be working for you. It’s worth spending the extra time to do your research and make sure that you find a dentist who can achieve the results you want. It’s important for you and your dentist to have a vision, then work as a team to achieve it. For more information about the unique brand of cosmetic dentistry that we practice here at Bedford Dental Group, visit our website or contact us today if you’re in the Los Angeles area and need an experienced and accomplished cosmetic dentist.