Luxury Handbag Designer Ming Ray Shares What’s In Her Makeup Bag

London-based Designer Ming Ray believes every sophisticated woman carries within the touch of lighthearted innocence. Thus, her self-titled couture handbag collections feature timeless box-bags with shooting star top-handles and ladylike mini-trunk with embellishments reminiscent of Jeff Koons’ Hanging Heart sculpture.  Haute Beauty caught up with the distinguished designer who shares her must-have beauty products, what’s in her makeup bag and how she keeps her skin healthy.

Ming Ray
Handbag Designer, Ming Ray

Haute Beauty: What are three beauty items you cannot live without? 

Ming Ray: I can’t live without Obagi vitamin C serum, Obagi Benzoyl peroxide acne treatment lotion and Clinique SPF 50.

HB: What’s in your makeup bag?

MR: I am a Kat Von D devotee, my makeup bag is filled with her products. Their foundation and powder are the  smoothest, and finest  I’ve ever used, my face would get oily fast under layers of foundation and powder from other brands but that completely changed when I switched to Kat Von D. And their tattoo eyeliner, my god it will stay all day it’s the only eyeliner I ever used that will not smudge when I sweat or cry (I got super emotional several times at my friends’ weddings, and didn’t even need to join the line of ladies waiting for the powder room to touch up their makeup! Best eyeliner ever)

HB: Traveling and being constantly on the go sometimes causes skin issues/damages, how do you maintain healthy, glowing skin through all of your travels? 

MR: There are 3 things I do religiously: Drink plenty of water, always wear SPF50
and eat plenty of vegetables, especially tomato and broccoli. In an ideal world I would also give up sugar, but that’s just too hard for me, I love my ice cream, pastries, and cakes.

HB: Can you walk us through your summer skincare routine?

MR: I feel a little embarrassed because I am super lazy when it comes to skincare, I would buy all kinds of masks but never use them! All I do is make sure I have my SPF50 on at all time and wear a floppy hat, I don’t wear makeup at all when I don’t have business meetings. I try to do intermittent fasting so my body and skin have 16 hours to detox, on top of that I go to bed fairly early, around 10:30 or 11 pm every day and I try to sleep for 8 hours every day. Once in a blue moon if my face feels dry I will put on Sisley black rose mask, it works miracles.