How And Why You Should Use A Scar Cream, Especially During Summer

It’s July, and summer is here, which means we’ll be out and about enjoying the sunshine and warm weather. If you have a recent scar from a procedure or an accident, it’s best to keep it healing optimally, which means:
Photo Credit: courtesy of Skinuva Scar

Keeping the scar hydrated with a scar cream.

Scar creams made of silicone cream keep the scar well hydrated, which allows your own tissue to heal well in the moist environment that the silicone cream creates. Skinuva Scar cream is a next-generation scar cream that Dr. Christopher Zoumalan helped develop and clinically test, and it has various ingredients in addition to silicone cream that further help the scar heal well.  Ingredients included in Skinuva Scar in addition to silicone cream include Vitamin C and growth factors, which keep your skin’s collagen healthy and robust while acting as an antioxidant to allow your skin to heal well in the summer months. 

Apply SPF over your scar despite using a silicone cream.

Sun exposure can dry the scar out, and also damage the sun and likely delay the healing, and prolonging the redness and pigmentation around the scar.  Skinuva Scar has an array of incredible ingredients that help the scar heal well, but Dr. Zoumalan encourages his patients to use their favorite sunblock on top of the scar and over Skinuva Scar for optimal sun protection. He recommends a sunblock that has zinc oxide, such as Elta MD. 
Photo Credit: courtesy of Skinuva Scar  

Maintain A Consistent Regime. 

Remind yourself to continue using your scar cream as recommended, for instance, twice a day, and to regularly apply sunblock as well when going outside.

Take Care Of Yourself. 

Be healthy and stay hydrated!