3 Things You Need To Know About Lip Fillers + Meet The Injectables Queen Of Miami

Lip fillers have become the most requested cosmetic procedure. Everyone is talking about them whether it’s in reference to Kylie Jenner’s plump lip glow-up or asking your friends if they think your lips need a filler boost for a more full look. People are intrigued by the small and simple, yet effective alteration to ones features through the usage of lip fillers. While there are practitioners all around the country who will perform the procedure on patients, those who have gotten their lips done will tell you it is important you find a lip artist. Finding a renowned practitioner who will be able to give you the plump lips you desire is extremely important but it’s also important for one to understand exactly what you should expect from the procedure, how many sessions it will take to achieve your desired volume, the post-filler care treatment and more. While there are hundreds of articles on the internet that focus on this topic, we decided to take it upon ourselves to visit Reana Myers of Careaga Plastic Surgery, Miami’s injectables queen, for an in-depth lesson on lip fillers and here’s what we found out:


It will take several sessions to achieve your desired volume

Most patients will go in wanting a specific look to their lips and while this is great because it allows the doctor to know your ultimate goals, it is important to remember that over-injecting will cause ‘duck lips.’

If you like how your lips look during the swollen period, you will need more filler

In most cases, Myers finds that patients who are happy and satisfied with the way their lips look and feel during the swelling period (1-2 weeks after the procedure) then they will require more lips. While she understands that patients want to achieve their desired volume sooner rather than later, she recommends waiting at least 8-10 weeks before booking your next appointment.

No, your fillers are not ‘dissolved’, the swelling has just gone away

She hears it time and time again. “I think my fillers are gone.” Myers explains this is a normal reaction to have once the swelling has gone away but she reassures the fillers are there and are actively holding your lips up in the new shape the fillers have give them, even though you might not notice it anymore.