Dr. Sharon Giese Discusses The Ins And Outs Of Cosmetic Procedures


It’s no secret that there is much more involved that meets the eye when considering cosmetic procedures. Patients need to research their preferred doctor, schedule a consultation, and take their lifestyle into consideration before booking surgeries. Plastic surgeon Dr. Sharon Giese, sat down with Haute Beauty to discuss the ins and outs of cosmetic procedures and how to prep for surgery.


What is the process to getting a cosmetic procedure done?

A consultation is necessary to evaluate the patient and determine surgical and non-surgical options.  There are many choices and procedures or treatments are tailored to the individual needs.

What would be the average cost for cosmetic procedures in the USA?

The prices vary depending on the procedure being performed.  Injectable start as low as $450.

Why is it so important for clients to do their research prior to procedures?

It is important to feel comfortable with the procedure and surgeon selected. Research should include:  education and affiliation with a reputable hospital,  experience with the procedure the patient is having,  use of a credentialed operating facility, review of before and after expectations from web site and internal facility images.  Our office also offers contact with prior patients who are able to share details regarding their experience.

What would qualify a client for liposuction over a tummy tuck?

This depends upon the amount of fat, sagging skin and individual goals. Liposuction is appropriate for patients with firm skin who want fat removed from their abdomen and flanks for a flatter tummy. If a patient has a large volume of fat and sagging skin:  a tummy tuck is indicated to remove excess skin and fat.  The tummy tuck candidate may also have weak abdominal muscles which can be tightened during the procedure as well.

What is the recovery time on full body procedures such as tummy tucks?

Liposuction recovery is several days. Tummy tuck patients typically return to work in one week.