The Skincare Products Olivia Culpo Is Infatuated With

Olivia CulpoPhoto Credit: ShutterstockModel and actor, Olivia Culpo, shared her skincare regimen with her Instagram followers. Among the products she mentioned, there was a pimple cream, toner, under-eye mask, and body lotion. Culpo made it that much easier to achieve her radiant and glowing skin. Learn more about the products below:

Anna Guanche MD Miracle Cream

This pimple cream was created by celebrity dermatologist Anna Guanche, M.D. It contains 10% Sulfur to help dry and attack pimples and fight off bacteria. Using this application will help reduce redness and shrink pimples without scabbing or drying.

Biologique Recherche Lotion

Culpo uses this lotion as a toner to help exfoliate and cleanse her skin. The lotion purifies the epidermis, helping it maintain its acid pH balance.

James Cosmetics Restore Eye Mask

Culpo uses this eye mask to look fully recharged. The eye mask features Retinol helps to fight signs of aging, Hyaluronic Acid assists in reducing wrinkles, Grape Seed Extract reduces damage on the skin, and Plum Seed Extract heals and hydrates tired skin.

Kayo Body Beautiful Creme

Not only does Culpo maintain her facial appearance but she uses this body lotion to moisturize the neck below. The lotion contains CoEnzymeQ10, skin antioxidants, Hyaluronic Acid aids in skin hydration and Coconut Oil provides hydration.