Diane & Alan Lieberman

CATEGORY: Power Couples
COMPANY: South Beach Investment Realty, South Beach Group
INDUSTRY: Real Estate, Hospitality

WHAT MAKES THEM HAUTE: Together, Diane and Alan form a real estate powerhouse. Diane’s SBI Realty is the group behind the sales of some of the biggest profile listings in the region. Alan runs the show at South Beach Group, an Art Deco-style hotel brand that operates 10 properties, including the Catalina, SBG’s flagship property on Collins Avenue, and the new Riviera, which is home to one-bedroom apartment-like accommodations. The Liebermans’ hotels have been fixtures on South Beach for the past 10 years thanks to a business model that is based on innovation, outstanding marketing tactics, and an innate understanding of what attracts the customer, from constant parties and open bars to partnerships with the theater and art institutions. Chic designs don’t hurt either, and The South Beach Group’s portfolio is full of them, all courtesy of Alan himself who renovates his properties every three to five years. The couple is a staple at philanthropic and cultural events throughout Miami.