Meet Mirko Scarcella And His Lion Adv Helping Crypto To Promote With Celebrity And Influencer Marketing

Mirko Scarcella’s outstanding expert hold on influencer crypto marketing created a successful venture for new decentralized projects. The journey of the Lion Adv started with digital marketing back in 2019.

But blockchain technology’s future potential and popularity caught his attention. He reshaped Lion Adv to focus more on crypto marketing with celebrities and influencers. Before even getting on the crypto advertising business route, he was a well-known name as a social media expert, crypto marketing author, and entrepreneur.

Mirko Scarcella’s first book was published after the one-year establishment of the Lion Adv, the crypto promotion agency. “THE BIBLE SUCCESS FAME MONEY” spins around the topic of how the social platform can be utilized to gain more visibility.

The Foreword of the book is written by one of the most paid athletes in History, Floyd Mayweather. In the Foreword he says about Mirko: “….. my friend Mirko teaches you to create your popularity with Instagram parameters, to become known, to make your company known, and to sell products through the web. Life is fighting for results. I have always done it and continue to do so. Commit yourself and make your dreams come true.”

Renowned photographer David LaChapelle who did the cover shoot of “The Bible Success Fame Money”

LaChapelle, the most famous Fine photographer in the world, has framed celebrities like Michael Jackson, Elton John, Kim Kardashian, and Travis Scott.

Mirko also finds some time to tell his personal story of how he became a successful entrepreneur, he did this in the book “The Business Game”.

In “The Business Game”, the Introduction was written by the Singer Nicky Jam, “… add discipline and a lot of dedication you can achieve what you set out to do because this makes me happy to have been chosen to invite you to read a story like mine, that of Mirko, another young man who has had to go through many things, to get to tell his story today…. “

There is immense competition in the crypto-financial world. Many are fighting for their existence. Lion Adv has created a platform for them where wide-scale exposure can be achieved by influencer crypto promotion and celebrity promotion.

Lion Adv it’s Based in Miami, where crypto it’s very active and growing with huge events, we have seen in the past months.

The struggle to reach more audiences is so true for many altcoins. But exposure to billboards in New York – Times Square and Nasdaq tower can also be done to build credibility and for the visibility of crypto projects.

Mirko Scarcella, also known on Twitter @mirkoscarcella, wherewith his official account often interacts with Crypto accounts.

The crypto marketing agency Lion Adv has already helped many projects in the Binance smart chain and Ethereum. The marketing perimeter of Lion Adv is totally different in most cases compared to other existing top crypto advertising firms. Proper application of social platforms can reach your crypto to millions of audiences and that is proven by Mirko Scarcella’s Lion Adv.

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