Major Crypto Currencies Flock To Celebrity Deal Maker Chubbs Wilson To Skyrocket Their Valuations

Photo Credit: Chubbs Wilson

Over the past few years, the world has been trying to navigate and understand blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and a whole new frontier of digital wealth. While the factors that cause a currency to blow up may vary, one thing that all successful cryptocurrencies have is hype and a lot of it.

Easier said than done! Of course, any new brand would love to have a major star endorsing their product, investing in them, and raising their valuation as a result. That’s just almost impossible to pull off. Unless of course, your name is Chubbs Wilson.

Chubbs is an entrepreneur from Atlanta who has spent years running massive celebrity campaigns with top-tier brands like Mercedes or stars like Da Baby, Snoop Dogg, and a long list of other A-list influencers, models, rappers, and celebrities.

Amongst his peers and throughout Hollywood, Chubbs is known for his larger than life, Playboy mansion-esque brand. Over the past few months, Chubbs has brought his brand and his entire network of stars into the world of cryptocurrency. Chubbs and his team have been focused on promoting and raising the valuations of cryptocurrencies that have a philanthropic angle.

One cryptocurrency that Chubbs ran a national campaign for was Aevolve, a cryptocurrency that invests in biomedical innovations with their profits. At Bitcoin 2021 in Miami last month, Chubbs put this currency on the map when he threw a high-profile exclusive party on a rooftop with major stars in attendance including 50 Cent who performed a private concert for the guests. Also in attendance that night were Ray J, YBN Almighty Jay, and Akademiks. Additionally, Chubbs made sure that when they entered the conference it was alongside boxing legend Floyd Mayweather, immediately making their currency the most talked about at the conference.

Chubbs has promoted other currencies and even thrown “crypto mixers” where executives of cryptocurrencies come to network with major stars and pitch their products to them. Chubb has organized exclusive parties with stars like Lil Pump, Blueface, YouTube giant Faze Clan, and many other celebrities that have a strong following in the Gen-Z demographic. According to our sources, over a dozen cryptocurrencies with 8 or 9 figure investments are working with Chubbs to get an audience and collaboration with the celebrities he works with.

Today Chubbs is planning dozens of more internet-breaking events that are guaranteed to bring tons of attention to the brands in attendance. To find out more about what Chubbs and his team are up to follow @wilsonstillrunning on Instagram.

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