Jarret Willis On The Best Marketing Tools For Real Estate Investors

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Jarret WillisPhoto Credit: Jarret Willis

According to Jarret Willis, the difference between a successful real estate investor and those who fail within just months of trying to create a business enterprise in real estate investing is a healthy marketing plan

Are you a real estate professional barely receiving recognition from anyone in your town? This means you’re doing a terrible job at availing information about your real estate investing business enterprise. You need to review your marketing strategy.

Jarret Willis shares some of the marketing methods for real estate commercial enterprises that have worked for him. They will have you receiving incessant seller phone calls and help you get the leads you need to find the best real estate business deals to earn you a living.

Bandit signs or road signs

Road signs are one of the best-performing marketing tools. Jarret Willis says that he puts out a few to half a dozen monthly, and they pull in numerous phone calls, and it only costs him four dollars a sign.

The best places to position them are at high-traffic crossings around your town as well as in the front yard of any home you purchase.

Bulletin board postings and flyers

One of the cheapest ways to let people know that you are a real estate investor who buys property, foreclosures, and distressed properties is using flyers and related collateral. Creating flyers with information on how to get in touch with you is an inexpensive yet effective way of advertising.

You can then place these flyers on bulletin boards in your town, grocery stores, laundromats, the counter of any business organization that will let you, employment center bulletin boards, county courthouse or public office bulletin boards, tape them inside of telephone booths, or take them door to door in the regions you are targeting.

Business Cards

Jarret Willis says that he orders business cards in the thousands and advises that you do as well. You can easily find places online that print lovely cards and at affordable prices. All you need is an attractive tagline to print on your card as well as your contact information, then pass them out to whoever and wherever you can. 

Imprinted or promotional Item

To optimize your real estate marketing, leave no tables unturned. Promotional items will not generate you as many leads or calls as other marketing options will, but they will separate you from all other average investors. Etch your content on key chains, coin holders, pens, and penknives and leave them everywhere from department stores to the top of gas pumps to end cap displays in grocery stores.

Ads in freebie papers

You can opt to run advertisements in the freebie papers in the region where you want to conduct real estate investment deals. Jarret Willis confirms that they pull in a reasonable number of seller deals. 

Classified Ads

The heaviest producer of leads by far, Jarret Willis says, is the classified advertisement in the leading newspaper in the region. Despite being costly, Jarret says that the result rationalizes the cost.

If you persist in the real estate investing business sector, Jarret Willis advises that you prioritize your marketing efforts. You can never let too many people know that you are a real estate investor, so explore as many options as you can.