‘Ohwabisabi,’ The Newest Media Platform Designed To Serve And Support The New Generation Of Conscious Leaders

Written in partnership with DN News Desk

Kelly WingPhoto Credit: Kelly WingWe are living in extraordinary times, and a time where evolution and transformation are happening at a rate humanity has never experienced before.

As humanity ascends into new levels of consciousness and the world is healing its past pain, a new earth is beginning to emerge. Not only do humans now have to evolve with this change, but the world as a whole must evolve – including technology and how we use it to create a better world.

Kelly Wing is the CEO and Founder of Ohwabisabi, a publication where conscious creators and industry thought-leaders share their unique message, teachings, and stories with a growing fan-base of thousands of readers from around the globe each month.

Kelly shares that a new wave of leadership is fast emerging. “As we evolve as a human race, the way we lead and look to be led also evolves.”

Ohwabisabi covers a range of topics to help readers understand themselves in all facets of life, and the world around them. Some of their highest values are empowerment, love, compassion, empathy, unity, authenticity, vulnerability, storytelling, impact, freedom, intimacy, soul-led, heart-centered, and self-expression

The new earth that is fast approaching seeks to serve and support the highest good of humanity, and this evolution in consciousness requires leaders to step into their innate power and geniuses, bringing visionaries, mentors, creatives, content creators, musicians, and speakers together all in a divine manner and all in divine timing.

Kelly invites other leaders who consider themselves to be the new and emerging thought leaders of the decade, to contribute to Ohwabisabi, sharing their unique message, teachings, and stories with the world and the audience she has curated.

There has never been a more crucial time for up and coming thought-leaders to start building their presence outside of social media and sharing their voices on other platforms on the internet. While social media is important, the way technology is rapidly advancing means leaders must now begin to take a smarter, future-focused approach by building their presence across multiple platforms.

What we are witnessing is old traditional structures becoming less and less stable and new ways are coming to fruition, just as Kelly has discovered.

“People are now looking for new leaders they can trust. It’s important that as leaders we step up and show our truest, most real, and authentic selves. Those who lead from a place of love are now powerfully guiding others into the new world.”