5 Best Dog Movies You Should Watch This Winter According To Nafez Husseini

Written in partnership with DN News Desk

Nafez HusseiniPhoto Credit: Nafez HusseiniFor animal lovers, there’s nothing as cozy as snuggling your dog on a cold winter evening. It becomes even better when there’s a dog movie showing on TV that you’re watching. That is Nafez Husseini’s definition of a perfect winter evening.

Nafez is a digital advertising and marketing guru who loves dogs so much that he named his first company MediaHusky since he owns a Siberian Husky named Hutch. He has a list of go-to dog movies whenever he needs to stay in and binge-watch them.

The Stray

This movie tells the story of a stray dog named Pluto who is found by a young Christian Davis. The boy takes Pluto home, and in a short time, the dog has a significant impact on the family. He rescues Christian’s toddler sister who wanders off and helps repair the broken relationship between Christian and his father, Mitch.

Iron Will

The movie follows the journey of young Will Stoneman in a cross-country sled dog race. He is forced to enter the race after his father dies and leaves Will and his mother struggling to save their family farm from financial ruin. The lucrative but dangerous race has a $10,000 prize that will be enough for Will to save their farm. He struggles against bad weather, treacherous terrain, and a brutal competitor to emerge victoriously.

Snow Buddies

Snow Buddies is the second film in the Air Buddies series and the seventh in the Air Bud universe. It features a group of five talking puppies who end up accidentally going to Alaska with an ice-cream shipment. There, they meet and become friends with a Siberian Husky named Shasta whose owner is an 11-year-old boy who needs dogs for the Alaskan sled dog race. The five puppies and the boy, against all odds, win the race against experienced dogs and mushers.

Wiener Dog Nationals

For his birthday, young Danny asks for a dog as his birthday present. His family adopts a dachshund who has a remarkable racing pedigree and name her Shelly. The slightly dysfunctional family has to learn how to work together when they enter the country’s biggest wiener dog race. Shelly and her new family navigate through the treacherous and cutthroat world of Wienerschnitzel’s Wiener Dog Nationals to win.


This 1994 classic shows a family moving to a rural sheep farm in Virginia who adopt a collie after coming across an accident that claimed the life of the collie’s owner. Lassie, the collie, becomes the companion of the family’s 13-year-old son who feels lost in his new surroundings. Lassie helps him adjust to rural life and even saves his life during a scuffle with a neighbor’s son.