Eduardo Serio Launches Breakthrough Line For Pets & Shares How Hemp Fuels His Passion of Helping Animals of All Kinds

Eduardo Serio, also known as “Papa Bear” at his rescue organization, The Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation, is known around the globe as one of the most fearless leaders amongst rescue organizations. “At the Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation, we rescue animals, mainly big felines from awful conditions. We have about 200 that came from circuses,” says Papa Bear. He adds that about 320 large rescued felines came from the Mexican government who Black Jaguar-White Tiger works closely with. Unfortunately, people can buy large felines as pets and don’t know what to do with them two weeks later. Given that Eduardo or “papa bear” has rescued animals in almost deadly conditions, he has witnessed which foods truly nourish animals, and hemp is at the top of the list. The immense amount of knowledge that Papa Bear has gained over the years while leading this organization encouraged him to launch a first in class hemp line for animals, BJWT Hemp. Photo Credit: Instagram – @eduardoserio

Eddie “Papa Bear” shines a light on his expertise from raising animals as he would his kids. 

There’s nobody that has spent more time with animals than Papa Bear, he lives with them, he sleeps with them, he eats with them, they’re his family. Papa Bear has witnessed just what they need and has made it his mission to do the same for people desperately looking for an answer for their struggling pet. Papa Bear states “We had three cases of cancer in our rescue last year, we tried to give them everything… Chemotherapy, absolutely everything. And while hemp may not help with cancer, it does do a lot of very positive things. This is what led us to develop this new formulation.” 


This brand new launch includes four unique products, one to start the day and one to end the day. Also, these products are offered in two different formats: oil tincture and chewable tablets. “We told our scientists to create two different formulas.” Papa Bear states as he explains the difference between the morning and night formulation. The day time formula includes a patented energy source derived from green coffee beans. This natural source of energy is unique because it eliminates the risk of a caffeine crash or jitters. When it comes to the night time formula, Papa Bear and the team included a sought after ancient herb called ashwagandha. Known as “the king of adaptogens”, ashwagandha is renowned for its relaxation benefits and has been used for centuries in ancient practices. While Papa Bear has seen amazing benefits from hemp, he agrees with pet owners that are skeptical about giving new products to pets. “If people are skeptical, I agree with them. But, I would also tell them to research a little bit more. Hemp helps a lot with joint problems, nerves in dogs or cats, etc. Do your research and give them the best product that you can afford.” Papa Bear and the team prioritize giving back to the animals at the foundation as 25% of all proceeds go towards the organization as an effort to help the lives of rescued animals.

Photo Credit: Instagram – @blackjaguarwhitetiger

The Inspiration

Papa Bear’s cousin who happens to be an adept nutritionist gave him a piece of advice when he was younger that he never let go. “We are what we eat, we aren’t what we think and other things, we are what we eat. If you’re able to give your pet the best product, do it.”  True health starts from the inside out, and it’s no different for animals.

Thoughtful Formulation

The inspiring part about this launch is that this line gives pets a foundation of wellness in the morning or evening, dependent on their needs. It’s not a one size fits all approach because as Papa Bear knows, each animal may need something different. “This product is made for anyone who needs it. I don’t suggest giving your pets anything they don’t need, less is more. But this is a great supplement made from the best hemp we’ve come across on the planet.” When it comes to sourcing, Papa Bear and the team didn’t take a shortcut, regardless of costs. All BJWT hemp is sourced right here in the United States. There’s something that stood out to us about their production process, too. BJWT follows a patented extraction method when extracting the oil from the plant. Unlike most other companies, this hemp is extracted in a way similar to cold-pressed juice, leaving all of the nutrients intact without harsh heat, chemicals, or toxins. “The scientist that discovered this has a great discovery for the planet.” Papa Bear adds. There are certain scenarios that this product is ideal for. If you have a dog or cat terrified of fireworks, this Fourth of July you and your pet may benefit from the night time formulation for some restful sleep. If your pet has lost the wag in his tail with age, try the day formula for an extra boost. 

Photo Credit: Instagram – @eduardoserio

The Anticipated Launch

A formulation as pure as this one didn’t come to life overnight. While this line took years of examination, science, and sourcing, it’s launch has been nothing short of extraordinary. BJWT already has a long list of A-list influencers in line to give the first in class hemp to their pets. Also, their website is up and running and offers a minimalist style that’s undeniably sophisticated. For more information or to be one of the first in line to buy the just-launched product, visit
Photo Credit: Instagram – @bjwthemp