Kellie Rastegar Brings Celebrity Customer Service To The Corporate World

Due to the unique experience of its founders, leading Austin, Texas real-estate investment firm Rastegar Property Company has earned the reputation of treating its customers with the deference typically owed celebrities.

Kellie RastegarPhoto Credit: Kellie Rastegar

Behind the deal-flow mastery of CEO Ari Rastegar, his wife Kellie Rastegar has rigorously ingrained a compassionate, attentive, and conscientious spirit of service throughout the corporate culture, an ethic that she picked up while working as the corporate flight attendant and for Hollywood mega stars Johnny Depp, Jennifer Aniston, and Jim Carrey.
Johnny, in fact, had such an appreciation for Kellie’s customer service that he brought her onto work at his personal film production company as well as the sets of his biggest blockbusters such as Pirates Of The Caribbean and The Tourist. 
Kellie- who grew up with very humble beginnings and lost her father tragically at the tender age of 18- never took the position for granted and made her co-workers as well as her celeb clients feel the true appreciation she had for these precious early opportunities.
Her genuine character, professionalism, and spirit of appreciation are all fundamental qualities that the company culture at Rastegar Property Company epitomizes, traits that have enabled the company to grow into a 9 figure (and soon Billion dollar business).
It’s this courageous backstory as well as the fact that Kellie has maintained her inspiring integrity- see Kellie Rasteger and The Leaders of Texas’ Economic Boom Set An Example For Charity- to this very day, that has distinguished her one of the US’ most prominent female executives in the country.
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