Weronika Rogowska: A True Image Of Herself

Polish by birth and worldly by experience, Weronika Rogowska has kept busy building up her modeling career along with her academic one.

Weronika Rogowska 1Photo Credit: Katsiaryna Biyumen

As a full-time professional model, Rogowska is based in New York City. Modeling since aged 17, she has traveled throughout the world’s leading fashion cities like Milan, Paris, and London. She moved from the latter to the Big Apple three years ago. On her new hometown, she says it is “the most inspiring place in the world, and the most challenging. It forces you to be the best that you can be. As an adventurous person, I wanted to improve as a person, become stronger, more mature and realize my goals and dreams. These include developing my career as a model and life coach. All these can be accomplished in New York.”

She takes advantage of living in New York, stating “I saw the biggest opportunity to do it here. Having access to all the knowledge, seminaries and courses in the area allows me to go for what I want.”

Rogowska visits the sun and beaches of Miami multiple times every year for modeling shoots.

Rogowska shares and writes about her experiences through her website www.trueimage.co and Instagram page. “The two platforms are all about making people’s lives better,” she says. She has a degree in Psychology. She combines her higher education and mission to improve people’s lives through ambition, beauty and style.

Weronika Rogowska 2Photo Credit: Katsiaryna Biyumen

“Be the light that helps others see” – Weronika Rogowska


Rogowska is a people person, enjoying interactions, which she wants to keep evolving in her career in media. “I love talking to people, interviewing them on camera,” she says. “It’s my dream to work in media. American culture is so open-minded and gives options to everybody.”

She is currently starting her Psychotherapy degree, which she hopes to use for good. She says, “I’m being ambitious and trying to do as best as I can. I want to promote positivity and encourage people. Especially women. Despite obstacles, we all can become somebody that we were meant to be.”

Rogowska joined Haute Living for a Q&A on her modeling and life coaching careers, as well as her inspirations and hopes for the coming year.

Haute Living: Tell us a bit about your website, www.trueimage.co. How has it grown, and how are you expanding on it?

Weronika Rogowska: I opened the website two years ago. I started writing about relationships, friendships, and my own experiences. I linked that to my Instagram page, sharing the website’s articles on it. People started reading and commenting on those posts.

I’m looking for other avenues to keep building myself as a life coach. Writing is great, but I enjoy interviewing people more. That’s why I’m looking to do the jump in front of the camera.

Weronika Rogowska 3Photo Credit: Katsiaryna Biyumen

HL: What is your next modeling project?

WR: In modeling, I have a new campaign starting in the new year. It’s confidential shhh, but it’s couture for a very famous and elegant Italian brand.

HL: You’ve written about listening to Tony Robbins. What role has Tony Robbins played in your life?

WR: I think he is a great life coach, a very inspiring and hard-working person. He is such a super charismatic person, promoting the psychology that I also do, but on a much bigger scale of course. His seminars go around the world. Going to his and other seminaries and hearing experienced people inspires me. When you are a coach, you learn from everybody, especially those that have been doing it for a while. I recognized some of my own life’s mistakes by listening to him and transformed myself to be more self-aware. We need the stimulation that will keep us from getting down on ourselves. I’m still working on myself but I’m on the right path.

HL: How does someone stand out from the crowd?

WR: In today’s world, everyone is so influenced by media, models and actors, whomever, that they can forget who they are, the truth inside themselves. It’s always easier to follow than to lead.

We live in times when we have more options to follow than ever before. This can prevent us from shaping our own identity. Too many people are not themselves, as they have not found what truly identifies them as a person. It is always better to be original than a copy. You do not have to be a certain height, have a certain job or look like a certain celebrity to achieve success in this world. Your personality is the most important commodity in business. You have to establish your own style of leadership.

The best way to develop your personality is being truthful to yourself and others. Your persona should be unique and original; we admire people who are special in their own way. If you are an entertainer in the media world you should establish your own style. You can learn from the other artists, but to make it big, you have to develop something distinctively your own.

HL: “Don’t make her fall in love if you can’t love her”. Explain that quote, which you shared on Instagram

WR: I like sharing quotes. This one basically says, “Don’t mess with anyone’s heart.” Love requires strength and maturity to maintain it.

As women, we have a clock ticking. It’s not appreciated when men that are in their 30s want to have an “arrangement” where they invite the women to “come over for Netflix”. Many women can and do identify with that quote.

Weronika Rogowska 4Photo Credit: Katsiaryna Biyumen

HL: How are you expanding your audience?

WR: I have an upcoming YouTube channel that will help me reach everybody in the world. It’s beautiful to exchange information and opinions to better oneself and each other.

HL: What is your new year’s resolution?

WR: I have several so let me list them:

  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Start my very own YouTube channel and make it for good and inspire positive growth.
  • More acting, which would involve the Los Angeles area.
  • Exploring myself, with no limits. Open new avenues and shades of myself.
  • Keep improving and evolving.
  • Gain new friends with whom I can connect on a deep and real level
  • Communicate better, overcome my weaknesses, become stronger and help others more.

Many thanks to Weronika for joining Haute Living for this interview. Follow her through her website www.TrueImage.co or by Instagram at www.instagram.com/weronathalie/.