Jenni Kayne’s Easy Effortless Entertaining Tips

Jenni Kayne

Photo Credit: Jenni Kayne

You may be familiar with fashion designer Jenni Kanye’s cozy sweaters, stylish flats, and chic decor, but did you that the pretty LA-native is also quite the entertainer? Kayne, who is known for her elegant and laid-back parties, has documented her hostessing prowess on her lifestyle blog, Rip & Tan, for years. So it’s no surprise that for her debut book, Kayne decided to focus on entertaining. “I always wanted to do a book, but I couldn’t hone in on what it would be about,” Kayne recently told Haute Living at an event hosted by Emily Holt at Hudson Grace. “After working with Rizzoli, we decided to do it on entertaining which is a passion of mine.”

Kayne’s new book

Photo Credit: Jenni Kayne

Pacific Natural: Simple Seasonal Entertaining came out earlier this spring. The book is broken down into sections that are arranged by seasons—Spring in Ojai, Summer in Lake Tahoe, etc.—with various parties throughout each theme such as a floral garden party, a beach picnic, and a Mediterranean dinner. “The last party I hosted was a welcome to spring dinner inspired by the herb thyme,” Kayne says. “So the whole menu and the table décor were inspired by thyme, and Annie [Campbell who collaborated with Kayne to create the book’s recipes] made a thyme margarita which was delicious.”

Photo Credit: Jenni Kayne

All of Pacific Natural’s soirees are effortlessly chic, feature the neutrals Kayne is known for, and incorporate natural elements like branches and citrus. Recipes, tips, and DIY how-tos are within each theme. In between signing books at the party, Kayne shared some of her entertaining insight with us. Here are her thoughts on everything from seating charts to costumes.

Photo Credit: Jenni Kayne

On seating charts: “I think it depends on who you’re inviting. I like seating a table not to make it formal but to ensure good conversation for everybody because if you’re the last one at the buffet and you’re the last one to the table, then you end up in a seat that’s not appropriate for you. Then you don’t have someone to talk to, and that’s a huge bummer.”

On the most surprising thing one will find in her party closet: “Colored napkins because I’m so known for neutral.”

On her favorite flower: “That’s hard to say. Peonies because they’re so fleeting and deliciously fragrant and beautiful.”

Photo Credit: Jenni Kayne

On last minute hostess gifts: “I always say a candle or something homemade, so there are lots of takeaways in the book. Body scrubs or infused oils or infused honey—making these is super easy. I do them with my kids, and I like to do a couple and then have them in the pantry so you can grab them and go.”

On her favorite cake: “Carrot cake or Sweet Laurel vegan chocolate cake.

Party-hopping: yay or nay? “Nay.”

Costumed theme-parties: yay or nay? “Nay.”