MELT Heats Up Miami As The City’s First Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna

MELT MiamiPhoto Credit: MELT Miami

The newest craze in the health, fitness and wellness world has been the introduction of the innovative infrared sauna. Popping up in major cities throughout the U.S. and abroad, the infrared sauna reinvents the way you sweat and detox unrivaled by any other type of sauna. Miami has finally brought the new phenomena to the city as they debut MELT, located at the beautiful, waterfront location at 1800 Purdy Avenue, Marina Suite A.

MELT MiamiPhoto Credit: MELT Miami

The steamy Sunset Harbor locale now offers both infrared sauna sessions, or cryotherapy if you prefer to freeze instead of sweating. If you’re wondering how this revolutionary sauna works, here is everything you need to know:

  • The sauna uses the light from infrared rays to warm your body from the inside out, heating your muscles to produce an increase in blood flow—similar to what you might experience if you were exercising
  • It reaches up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit, but you can lounge in there for as long as your body can handle it, with a maximum time of 45 minutes
  • The sauna works to help you burn calories, relax and detox—leaving you walking out with the perfect, fresh glow
  • Benefits include losing weight, detoxing, improving circulation, skin purification and more
  • There are different levels that the sauna can accommodate—with mid, near and far infrared rays that vary with the strength of the light and target different areas of your body
  • The sauna comes equipped with a remote control to change the light/mood, resulting in benefits of chromotherapy, also known as color therapy—the different colors can improve physical, emotional and even spiritual well being. You can also plug in your phone and listen to your own playlist as you unwind and sweat it out

Want to try it for yourself? Book your session here. Sessions start at $45/person or $60/2 for two people for individual sessions at 30 minutes, with packages and extended 60-minute sessions also available.

MELT MiamiPhoto Credit: MELT Miami