You’re Invited To The 244th Anniversary Celebration Of The Boston Tea Party This Weekend

It’s one of the most historic events to have happened here in our city, and Boston is once again preparing for the celebration of tomorrow’s 244th Boston Tea Party Anniversary and Annual Reenactment.

Tomorrow night, we are hosting one of the largest theatrical moving performances in the country to celebrate the actual anniversary of the original the Boston Tea Party that was held here on December 16, 1773. London’s East India Company (the same company where the tea originated during the actual events of 1773) has shipped to Boston more than 220 pounds of loose (expired) tea that will be thrown overboard just as it was 244 years ago.

Boston Tea Party Ships & MuseumPhoto Credit: Michael Blanchard Photography

The annual Boston Tea Party reenactment is a fun opportunity for families to experience one of the country’s most iconic public protests live, which was the catalyst that ultimately shaped the United States. More than 100 participating reenactors will be on hand to tell the story of The Boston Tea Party and theatrically recreate the historic hours of December 16, 1773 which sparked the American Revolution.

The events get underway at 6:30 p.m. with a fiery tea tax debate at the Old South Meeting House where the colonists originally gathered. Samuel Adams, John Hancock, Paul Revere and other Patriot leaders join in a debate with crown-loving Loyalists in this final attempt to peaceably resolve the crisis as the deadline to pay the tax approaches.

Boston Tea Party Ships & MuseumPhoto Credit: Michael Blanchard Photography


From there, at 7:30 p.m., attendees will join a procession from the Old South Meeting House to Boston Harbor led by fife and drummers to the waterfront to witness the Sons of Liberty destroy the tea from London’s East India Company.  At 8 p.m., the Sons of Liberty will storm aboard the Brig Beaver to destroy chest after chest of the East India Company Tea.

New this year, attendees were invited to mail their own loose tea to be thrown into Boston Harbor and an official certificate of participation was sent to each participant.

Boston Tea Party Ships & MuseumPhoto Credit: Caroline Talbot Photography

For more information on tomorrow’s events, check out The Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum’s calendar of events.