EMA President Debbie Levin’s Desktop Essentials



She’s not a Hollywood executive, filmmaker or performer, yet she is one of the entertainment industry’s most influential people. Debbie Levin is regarded as a true thought-leader, merging environmental awareness with entertainment platforms and people. As President of the Environmental Media Association (EMA), an organization founded by Lyn & Norman Lear and Cindy & Alan Horn in 1989, Levin works to garner attention for pressing environmental issues by leveraging the power and visibility of entertainment media and celebrity. The organization has grown into a diverse group of industry professionals from film, television and music dedicated to EMA’s mission of promoting environmental awareness through the entertainment business and the media.

Next Saturday, Levin will be on hand to present the Environmental Media Awards, a prestigious annual event which celebrates the best in environmental messaging in film, television and documentaries, while also honoring individuals making a difference for the planet. Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Henley, Van Jones and George Miller will be feted this year at the organization’s 25th anniversary celebration on Oct. 24 at Warner Bros. Studios.

Here, Levin, who serves on the Boards of EcoAmerica, Green Seal and US Green Communities, offers us a peek at her desk. See where this eco-warrior gets going and goes green.


  •  An antique “gas tank cap” – The initials are DB which are my “maiden name initials.  I’ve had this forever and I think it’s been on every desk I’ve ever had.  So maybe it’s a good luck thing because now I’m afraid to NOT have it with me!
  • A picture frame with my husband’s picture in it.  Because…. :)
  •  A ceramic paper clip “holder” that says “Mommy’s Cookies” that my daughter made when she was 11 years old.  (She’s now 31.  And yes, I’ve been using it that long.)
  • A ceramic paperweight made by my son of his face when he was 10 years old.  (He’s now 35.  What can I say, these things are very practical.)
  • China jar made by Tiffany & Co. in honor of the 2008 EMA Awards.  They were given the EMA Corporate Responsibility Award that year for their responsible diamond mining practices.  Our guests were really thrilled to hear that they didn’t have to feel guilty about their jewelry purchases that came in the “little blue box.”