1826 Hosts Launch of Grey Goose VX with Famed Chef Danny Grant


The launch of GREY GOOSE VX, the brand’s new limited edition vodka, took place at one of Miami Beach’s current trendiest spots, 1826. The dinner was the perfect excuse to go to the cool new foodie favorite and taste a lot of Michelin-starred chef Danny Grant‘s dishes. It was a perfect pairing of location and product, 1826’s chic, yet industrially modern touch contributed to the intimate gathering’s success to showcase GREY GOOSE’s boldest innovation yet.

Brand Ambassador and Master Mixologist, Guillaume Jubien, led the night creating custom cocktails to accompany perfectly executed dishes offered at 1826. The restaurant is Chef Grant’s latest venture and was created with the concept of a restaurant, lounge and bar making it an all-in-one stop for discerning crowds and contemporary American cuisine lovers.

Florida Avocado Salad

The private tasting consisted of GREY GOOSE’s unique drink combinations such as Le Blanc Fizz, which mixed people’s favorites like Verjus Blanc, ST. – GERMAIN and Martini Bianco. Closing the night, guests were served the anticipated GREY GOOSE VX cocktail inspired by Maître de Chai François Thibault’s Cognac-blending heritage. This masterfully crafted vodka with a hint of Cognac from the highest quality cru accompanied the restaurant’s exquisite Nieman Ranch Wagyu Strip and a perfectly creamy Périgold Truffle Risotto. The delicious simplicity of the dishes along with the rich décor and modern atmosphere have rapidly established 1826 as one of the city’s best new restaurants.


GREY GOOSE VX will be produced in limited supply and will be officially available in stores Sept. 1.