Out With Alisa: Busy Day of Lunch & Dinner Events

Alisa Roever

Yesterday Bonne Evans treated us to lunch and dinner events. For lunch, she invited 50 of our friends to celebrate Janna Bullock’s birthday at Le Bilboquet. After all the speeches and food, we all sang Happy birthday to Janna and said thank you to Bonnie for an amazing lunch. Among the guests were Lucia Gordon, Lauren Roberts, Diandra Douglas, Nicole Miller and Julie Maclowe. Later that day, Francine Le Frak, Leile Heller and Muna Rihani threw a cocktail party at Leila Heller’s gallery for Francine Le Frak’s charity, Same Sky.

In the evening, Bonnie Evans invited all of us to support the Harlem Opera Gala. Following dinner and drinking, Jerry Lee Lewis’ son rocked the house down with his performance. Everybody was dancing and having a great time! Guests included Donna Karan, Nicole Miller, Ghislaine Maxwell, Anisha Sabnani, Ajmal Khan, Cece Keiseltein-Cord, Muna Rihani and Nassir Al-Nasser, writer Michael Gross and Rita Shrager. Such a fun day!