Haute 100 Event Day In The Audi Q5 TDI

PAMM in the Audi
Author Hadley Henriette in Julian Chang With Audi Q5 TDI
Audi Q5
At Danny Jelaca Salon in South Pointe

I’ve been wanting an Audi Q5 TDI for a long, long time. So when Audi called me with the chance to drive one on the weekend of Haute Living’s annual Haute 100 Dinner,  of course I said “yes!” The fact that the event happened to include Prestige Imports among its sponsors, one of the country’s top Audi dealerships, made it all the better.

This automobile is very close to being all things to all car people. After all, in what other car do you have such power, speed and good milage? It has interior luxury, sporty handling and SUV-worthy ground clearance and crazy pickup with 428 lb-ft of torque. The official gas mileage is good enough at 24 city/ 31 highway, but we came closer to an astounding 37 mpg on the freeway.

It’s fast too. The 3.0 TDI is turbocharged and features a clean diesel V6 engine, and although it only has 240 horses under the hood, it feels more like 340 due to the turbo.

So where did I take it? On my many errands that day which included a walk-through in the museum, which afforded me a photo in the famous Herzog & de Meuron designed garage of the Perez Art Museum Miami. I took it over the causeway in sport mode and experienced a joy of driving I haven’t had since I turned in the keys to my BMW M series. So yes, it’s very sporty.

Staples in the audi
Stopping at Staples

Running around town in South Beach’s stop and go traffic, I opted for regular drive mode, which only tones down the little truck’s eagerness to go a tiny bit. The drive down to Danny Jeleca’s gem of a salon in South Pointe was almost as spirited as the updo stylist Eduardo gave me for nights festivities. The salon also had a hand in the event via the Leonor Greyl products and free hair spa services they donated for the event’s VIP goodie bags.

A quick trip to the bank, and a stop to get a few last-minute place cards for the event at Staples meant navigating the Q5 in tight spaces and using the back-up camera. After seeing the tight turning radius and the throw-your-head-back power when needing to quickly pass, I was hooked. Clean controls, and soft brown leather seats made it feel totally appropriate while dressed in shorts, or black-tie evening wear. As I pulled up to the PAMM, the Q5 looked utterly worthy of Herzog & de Meuron’s über-modern design. I was sad to turn the keys over to the valet, reminding me that my time with this special car was way too short, but I have complete confidence we’ll be meeting again very soon…. perhaps in a long-term relationship.