Out With Alisa: Celebrations in New York City


Last week began with me giving the Russian New Year party, which by the old calendar, comes on the night of the 13th until the 14th of January. It is my 11th year that I hosted a Russian New Year party. This year, we closed down Cognac restaurant for the private party. Sixty of our closest friends came to celebrate with us including Real Housewives of New York Ramona Singer and Sonya Morgan, as well as Janna Bullock, Arnold Rosenshein, Maria Buccelati, Paula and Jane Shindler, Arty Dozortzev and Sheila Rosenblum.

The following day, Lucia Hwong Gordon and Cassandra Seidenfield closed Doubles private club for a luncheon in honor of the Women’s Project Theater. More than 65 women came out to support the event including Paula Rosenshein, Jean Shafiroff, Fe Fendi, Laura Nicklas and Pamela Morgan. On Thursday night, we all went to the Helly Nahmed Gallery for Richard Prince’s book signing party. Among the guests were Richard Golub, Camila Ullsen and Consuelo Costin. On Saturday night, Louise Tabbiner closed Tao’s downtown lounge for her birthday party. It was a really fun event with tons of amazing food and great music! Some of the guests included Eric Watson, Ella Krasner, David Shulhoff, Camilla Ullsen, producer and director Paul Haggis and Harry Le Frack.