Out With Alisa: A Week of Birthday Celebrations


This week began with Zina Sapir’s birthday celebration. The Sapir family owns Trump Soho Hotel, so Zina’s husband, Rotem gave her a birthday party at the penthouse of the hotel. 100 guests arrived for a seated dinner. The whole room was gorgeous. It was decorated in white with white flowers and white lights. A six-course dinner was served and after everybody danced until 3 AM.

The next day Denise Rich closed the Central Park Boathouse restaurant for the 2nd annual Medical Symposium and Luncheon, which supports her cancer research charity, Gabrielles’s Angel Foundation. Among the guests were Cynthia Ott, Pamela Johananoff, Michelle Rella, Agata Herrera and Paola Rosenshein.

The following day Katerina Frangenberg held her birthday luncheon at Le Bilboquet. Among the guests were Stacy Shabtai, Nicole Smiley and Zina Sapir. Today Michelle Herbert held her birthday luncheon at Cipriani restaurant. Among the guests were Denise Rich, Janna Bullock, Dee Hilfiger and Paola Rosenshein.