Out With Alisa: Kaz Alzarka Wedding Anniversary in Vienna

versalle ball 6
We all thought we could not be more surprised or impressed after Kaz and Chloe Alzarka’s wedding in Versailles, France for 500 people two years ago (which included 45 minutes of fireworks, shows and performances). But of course, they did it again! This year Kaz and Chloe welcomed guests to the famous Hofburg Palace in Vienna (which was the seat of the Habsburg dynasty) for a lavish party to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

versalle ball 4

The theme was “Sissi” baroque – Sissi being the nickname of Empress Elisabeth of Austria, the wife of Franz Joseph I, who ruled as both Empress of Austria and Queen of Hungary in the 1800s. Kaz and Chloe welcomed 400 friends and family for the celebration. Guests were brought by carriage to the Hofburg Palace, and adherence to the dress code was mandatory! Guests mingled in a beautiful room of the Palace and took in performances. Later there was a seated dinner, followed by dancing till 6 am in the gorgeous rooms of the Palace!

kaz party 18

Among the guests were Lisa and Robbie Tchenguiz, Andrea Dibelius, Carol Asher, Niki and Terence Cole, Claudia van Leer and Nathalie von Bismarck.

kaz party 14

We are all looking forward to next year to help Kaz and Chloe celebrate!! Congratulations guys!!