Out With Alisa: the von Schweickhardt Baptism Celebration in Vienna

Brenda von Schweickhardt held the most beautiful 3-day baptism celebration for her twins Dominick and Antoinette in Vienna, Austria. All the guest arrived Friday night and stayed in the famous Sacher Hotel.

That night we had a traditional Viennese dinner at iconic Griechenbeisl restaurant (which translates to Greek tavern), which dates all the way back to 1447. Guests included Franz Schubert, Richard Wagner, Johann Strauss, Johannes Brahms and Mark Twain. It was fitting to have so many musicians, since this is where Ludwig van Beethoven regularly ordered his favorite dose of red wine and coffee! All the tables inside the restaurant are signed by famous composers, writers and artists.

On Saturday the ceremony was held at the Kloster der Salesianerinnen church, which was designed by Donato Felice d’Allio, with a ceiling painted by Giovanni Antonio Pellegrini. This church, established in 1717, was named after Empress Wilhelmine Amalia, the widow of Emperor Joseph I, and was originally a dower house and educational center for young girls. Tommy and Dee Hilfiger were the godparents, while Alexei Von Bismarck was a water bearer. Afterwards guests were driven by carriage to a black tie dinner at the Belvedere Palace (which is incredible as it is very rare that they will close it for a private party!). The rooms of the Belvedere were decorated in the most magical way and during the dinner there were performances by ballet dancers.

The following day we all went to the countryside for a traditional Austrian brunch, with most guests wearing country clothes. Guests included Nathalie and Carl von Bismarck, Ronny and Donnata Davidoff, Paula and Arnie Rosenshein, and Julia Goncharuk.

It was a beautiful weekend, and I can’t wait to return to Vienna in September for Kaz Alzarka’s birthday celebration.