Out With Alisa: a Moroccan Wedding in Marrakech

Until recently I had never been to a traditional Indian or Moroccan wedding, but I have always wanted to experience one! So when I got an invitation to Elke and Hamza Kabbaj’s wedding in Marrakech Morocco, I jumped on a plane right away! There is something so wonderfully mysterious about Marrakech and the beautiful Moroccan culture.

We arrived in the Marrakech airport to see big portraits of Mohammed VI, the King of Morocco, on every wall. We were picked up by drivers and brought to the gorgeous La Mamounia Hotel, where all the guests stayed. Immediately I thought of the Sex and the City movie where they visit Dubai, since it was actually shot here in Marrakech. Upon arrival we were served Moroccan mint tea and had a few hours to rest by the pool before the festivities got underway.

The first night of the 3-day celebration, the 1000 guests were invited to the home of Hamza Kabbaj. It was full of amazing things to see, from horses to elephants, camels, Turkish singers, dancers, fortune tellers, and henna artists. It was absolutely magical, so much that I had to take a video of the Turkish performances!

As per Moroccan tradition the bride was carried out every night in different outfits, accompanied by fireworks, singing and dancing, while the groom lead the procession. The last and main night they were both carried out wearing their family jewelry. It felt like we have stepped back in time, to another world. DJ Luciano was flown in from Ibiza and performed for all the guests to lend a 21st century edge to the traditional celebrations.

I absolutely fell in love with Marrakech and Morocco! Next up on my list of things to experience is a traditional Indian wedding, which usually lasts 10 days…!