Out With Alisa: Midsummer White Party

Last night Mark Packer invited us to the Midsummer White Party at Tao. The midsummer party is a Swedish tradition celebrating the summer solstice and the beginning of the nights where the Sun never sets. For the event, the Tao group closed Tao restaurant for a private dinner for 150 people. The restaurant was almost unrecognizable after being totally decorated like a beautiful forest in bloom. Both inside and outside the restaurant were trees, fresh flowers and shrubbery. Flower girls walked around the restaurant giving guests white flowers, while others on stilts threw fresh white flower petals. The celebration began with a 5-course Tao dinner, and later turned into a nightclub the moment DJ Cassidy went on stage. Everybody was dancing til the very late hours, and we didn’t stop celebrating there, going across the street to Lavo nightclub (also owned by the Tao group) afterwards. Among the guests were Ron Burkle, Seth and Sasha Greenberg, Dasha Valdez, Stacey and Benny Shabtai, Arty Dozortsev, Nadia Kazakova and Paul Schindler. The night in New York was not quite as bright as in Sweden, but the celebration was as beautiful and fun thanks to Mark Packer and Tao group!