Haute Ambassador Lea Black : Summer In LA

Lea Black

It’s just been a whirlwind of activity the last couple of months!

I recently just had two amazing debut parties in one week to celebrate the launch of my new skincare brand, Lea Black Beauty, and my new “After 5” Crystal Handbag Collection!

My skincare event was held at the wonderful “mySpa” at the Intercontinental Hotel in Miami where everyone had a fun time trying the new products and getting facials. It was a great success! The intro of my new “bling” handbags was held at Rene Ruiz Designs in Coral Gables, which provided a fabulous backdrop of with amazing guests, beautiful models, and champagne. Trina Robinson from NBC 6 stopped by to help showcase the event and feature the line. I absolutely love her. She asks all the right questions. Rumor has it there was a little “housewife” drama-stay tuned to find out.

Then it was off to Las Vegas to attend Joanna Krupa’s bachelorette party where we enjoyed 20 hours of pools, casinos, nightclubs, and parties-and only four hours of sleep. I would love to tell you more but, “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!”

Lea Black (2)

Now I am finally, I’m in my relaxing home in Los Angeles with my husband, son, and Freda. We love it here where we have a more simple life with less obligations, great friends, and fabulous weather. This week we will be going to a wedding in San Diego and then enjoy sleeping in late and hanging out in our home. So excited that summer is here: RJ is out of school and the fast pace lifestyle of these recent months is finally winding down. My summer will be filled with friends, fun, spas, gyms, pilates, good weather, and working on my website, handbags, skincare line, home décor, jewelry collection and my new book, which is in it’s final round of edits! Hope you all have an amazing summer Please follow my Sudden Youth twitter for the latest in skincare and beauty tips for summer.

photo by Christian Klugmann