Shades of Violet: A tribute to Robert Zuckerman

Heavy D 2005 lp

Robert Zuckerman is many things to many and everything to a few.  He is a devoted son and a steadfast brother; an accomplished photographer and the most humble of souls. His claim to fame could be found in his never ending body of work with the celebrities most dream to meet, or have inspired the masses. From David Bowie to Will Smith to Bill Clinton. His claim to fame could be the blockbuster movies he has been casted to cover for stills. But to me his legacy in the world of Hollywood will be overshadowed by his passion for documenting the everyday people that we pass in life whose story would go otherwise unheard. His legacy will be Kindsight™ and the stories within. When asked about his body of work and what is the single truth that has emerged for him from decades of success, he simply says: “The more personal my expression, the more universal its meaning.”
Next week on Tuesday, February 26th, 2013 at Jackson Memorial Hospital in the Diagnostic Treatment Center from 6-8pm you can meet Robert and see for yourself just how profound his body of work truly is. To RSVP please call Kayla Becerra 305-355-4999 or email