Out With Alisa: Christmas Season Is Here!

Last week the Christmas season kicked off with a beautiful lunch at Saks Fifth Ave, hosted by Denise Rich in partnership with Escada. We got the chance to take a sneak peek at the beautiful new Escada collection with a bellini in hand before sitting down to lunch. Guests included Cynthia Ott, Michelle Rella, Michelle Herbert and Brenda von Schweickhardt.

Next up on the agenda during the always-busy Christmas luncheon calendar was a brunch hosted by Francine Le Frak in partnership with Jimmy Choo, also at Saks. This time we sipped mimomas while we took in the gorgeous new Jimmy Choo before sitting down to brunch. Guests included  Andrea Dibelius, Michelle Herbert and Donna de Cruz.

Rounding off the week was Lauren Roberts’ beautiful Christmas Sunday Brunch at the exclusive Harvard Club. Lauren closed the club for the morning so we could take in the gorgeous Christmas tree before sitting down to lunch in the dining room. Lauren entertained the women’s table while Bob Roberts entertained the male guests. After a delicious meal, we had a riot playing Secret Santa! Each guest took a number at random which corresponded to their surprise gift. Guests included Maria and Andrea Buccellati, Jane and Paul Schindler, Paula and Arnie Rosenshein, Sheila and Danni Rosenblum, and Lucia Gordon.

With so many wonderful lunches bringing together such great guests, we are now officially feeling the magic of the Christmas spirit!

Above, the author Alisa Roever with Jane Schindler.