Out With Alisa: A Night With Dee and Tommy Hilfiger

Last night Dee and Tommy Hilfiger welcomed guests at their beautiful home, in honor of Dee’s new line of handbags. Deesigns, which will be available exclusively at the famed Plaza Hotel, marks Dee’s first foray into the world of design. With her designer husband as an ally and her own innate sense of style, it was no surprise to her friends that Dee should launch her own line, so anticipation was high amongst the guests to finally get our first look!

The Deesigns line comprises four styles, which range from a clutch, to a medium and an oversized bag. At the event, Dee cited the Pappagallo and Bermuda bags as inspiration, while the names for each piece in the line come from the names of her homes. First, there is the Plaza clutch, then the Greenwich ring satchel, the Monaco tote and finally the Mystique bag. The pieces evoke classic glamor, with wooden handles and reversible designs which make it a cinch to pack for vacation. One side of the bag is perfect for a casual daytime look, such as taking lunch on a yacht, while the other side is the perfect nighttime look for an elegant night out. With materials like suede, leather and fur, the ladies in the audience were very impressed.

Meanwhile, while Dee was busy explaining the new line, her devoted husband Tommy played the gracious host, keeping the the men company with drinks and wonderful food. Guests included Agata and Doug Teitelbaum, Jane and Paul Schindler, Camilla Olsen and Brenda von Schweickhardt. Although it must have been one of the busiest nights the couple have ever hosted at home, at the end of the night guests happily toted the new styles, with everyone pleased to say the event was a huge success!