Dori's World: Love Heals at Luna Farms Raises 300K

Last weekend, Love Heals, The Alison Gertz Foundation for AIDS Education hosted the Ultimate Birthday Party at its 13th Annual Love Heals at Luna Farm event. A celebration of the organization’s 20th anniversary, the 650 person event raised over $300,000.

Throughout the evening, hosts Hilary Rhoda, Charlotte Ronson, Andrew Saffir & Daniel Benedict mingled with guests and friends under the stars. Everyone enjoyed real southern BBQ (brought to the Hamptons from South Carolina and cooked on-site for 24 hours prior to the event) and fresh summertime cocktails from Patron — Patron Birthday Splash, Luna Farm Refresher, and Healing Touch. A sudden thunderstorm drove guests under the huge tent and DJ Kiss revved up the party with her dance tunes. The crowd boogied the night away, taking breaks to visit the Patron Mojito bar and popsicle stand.

Others in attendance included the organization’s co-founder, Dini von Mueffling, supermodel Nicole Trunfio, pianist Chloe Flower, designer Rebecca Minkoff, Rodale’s David Zincenko, news anchor Chris Wragge, Peter Davis, Kelly Delaney, Richard Farley, Stephanie Hirsch, Richard Johnson & Sessa von Richtofen, Scott Lipps, Avis Richards, Teresa Sorkin, Martin & Nina Varsavsky, Eric Villency, and Niche Media’s Samantha Yanks, among others. Alison Gertz’ parents Mr. and Mrs. Jerrold Gertz were also in attendance.