Haute Living Exclusive Q&A with Kris Humphries

Professional basketball player Kris Humphries was one of 2011’s most talked about people. Kris has remained quiet amongst all of the media hoopla surrounding his personal life and focusing on one of his most successful seasons yet with the New Jersey Nets. But Kris has decided to break his silence exclusively with me and finally talk about what life has been like for him these days and what he has to say about all the rumors.

Q: The season been going very well for you. How does it feel to be back on the court after the lock out?

K: It feels great to be playing basketball. We’ve kinda had a slow start as a team. I’ve had kinda crazy…interesting off season. It’s great to be on the court. It’s something that takes my mind off everything no matter what and it’s good to be working with the team again.

Q: How long have you been playing for the New Jersey Net’s?

K: Close to two years.

Q: Has this year been different for you back in season as far as media attention is concerned?

K: I have a really good repore with the sports writers. Especially the guys who cover us. They’ve always kept everything basketball and really respected that. This year I’ve definitely gotten more attention from other teams in terms of “Oh we’ve gotta stop this guy.” People are more focused on other things. It’s tough to try and do the same things as last year because of that.

Q: Your sister recently appeared on a new reality show. Tell me about that.

K: My schedule is been so crazy I actually haven’t had the chance to see it, but I actually have the day off so I’m gonna watch it after I get off the phone with you.

Q: How do you like to spend your down time when your not on the court?

K: I spend a lot of time working with my foundation…I also have a lot of friends in the city who I  hang out with, play poker and do normal guy stuff with.  We have one of the craziest basketball schedules this year. Coming up we have three games in a row, that has never really happened in the NBA. Because of the shortened season, they had to do that, so as much as I’d like to do extra curricular things there really isn’t much time for down time.

Q: You recently had a game in L.A. Some of the people did not receive you so well. How did you deal with people booing you in the stands?

K: To start off I will say people at the Prudential Center in New Jersey have been great. If I go out on the road and people are booing and what not, I really don’t mind it. I love a hostile environment on the road, people aren’t gonna cheer for you, especially if you are competing against their favorite team. Either they’ll boo you or they just won’t say anything at all. It’s interesting, I got a pretty good reception in Utah when we played the Jazz. As long as our fans are supporting our team and me, I’m not too worried about it. Negative energy fuels me.

Q: That’s good to hear. Because I think one of the things that seems to happen with anyone who gets involved in a reality show, let alone entertainment no matter who you are, people start to feel like they know you. They think they know your life, your family, they’ve been inside your home etc. Do people approach you that way?

K: Being in that world kind of gives people access to your life. They come up to you and talk to you about things they saw on TV. Not everyone that comes to the games are basketball fans. People feel like they’re involved and they want to see you. To me its not a big deal.

Q: I like what you said earlier about negative energy fuels you, especially when you’re on the court. I think that’s definitely something important for people to know about you. You aren’t going to let negative attention effect you.

K: What’s really funny is after games, you go back to the locker room and there’s maybe a hundred people lined up in the tunnel waiting and wanting autographs and I’m thankful for that.  But you know those same people that are asking for autographs are probably the same ones booing you later. Not always of course. It’s not personal or anything like that. People want to have something to yell about. They can yell at me, because like I said it fuels me.

Q:  How long have you been playing basketball?

K: This is my 8th year in the NBA.

Q: How do you stay in shape in season? Any fitness or diet tips?

K: It’s interesting, I’ve always been a hard worker and worked with a trainer. I’ll do martial arts with my trainer down in Miami. When I’m not training I spend a ton of time in the gym. The longer I’ve been in the NBA, I’ve really learned to focus on diet. I try to eat really healthy unprocessed foods. Recently I’ve been off refined sugars, no fried food, staying away from candy. It really makes a difference in terms of energy. It’s hard to be on a strict diet but it pays off.

Q: Tell me about your foundation.

K: I started it a few years ago. Within the last years I’ve really focused in on what it’s about. I’m really focused on childhood obesity. I’m really focused on giving kids a chance to be healthy. The worst thing is seeing a young kid who is overweight and eating terribly. Kid’s can’t be at home playing video games all day. I grew up playing basketball in the couldasac (sp?). In the summer time I focus on camps that are about nutrition and fitness. Were redoing a park in the minneappolis area with an outdoor basketball court. It’s going to give kids a chance to be active and fit. The cities don’t always have the allocations, money to really keep those things up to date or even build them.

Q: It’s a new year, last year was a big year for you in terms of media attention. We got a chance to get to know you outside the basketball court. If there was one thing good or bad that has been written or said about you that you could set the record straight on. What would it be?

K: (Laughs) I don’t know if there is one thing. I would say people haven’t truly gotten a chance to know me yet. There are a lot of assumptions, rumors and speculations out there. In reality all i’m really about is my family, my career and I live for my foundation and helping kids. One thing I will say is that I absolutely do not under any circumstances discriminate or judge other people especially not based on their personal choices and lifestyles.  It’s actually hard to answer this question. I don’t read all the magazines, I don’t ever keep up with all the gossip.

You can follow Kris on his official Twitter @KrisHumphries