Abu Dhabi’s Bord Eau Welcomes Chef Alexandre Pernetta

Shangri-La Hotel, Qaryat Al Beri, Abu Dhabi has appointed Alexandre Pernetta as Chef de Cuisine of Bord Eau. Chef Alexandre debuts his new menu this September with enticing and innovative French specialties.

Chef Alexandre’s culinary passion stems from his youth. He grew up in a family of pastry chefs and food connoisseurs. Hailing from France, his passion and career became one in 1996 when he began apprenticeships in France’s wine production
regions including Alsace and Champagne working under the direction of various Meilleur Ouvriers de France of the culinary industry. In 2002, he was awarded the title of Meilleur Jeune Chef de France, France’s best young culinary talent. His journey continued to Bale, Switzerland, where he worked with Switzerland’s first Michelin star Chef Zimmerman. He later left Europe to French Canada where he further trained under Michelin star Chef Eric Gonzalez. “I am very excited to take on this role and look forward to leading the talented team at Bord Eau, and to contributing to Abu Dhabi’s budding gourmet dining scene,” says Chef Alexandre.

With the flair of a true artist, Chef Alexandre combines authentic French flavours with a unique savoir faire, resulting in delectable creations such as foie gras terrine with fig jelly and dates, seared scallops with apple butter and his signature venison
with girole mushrooms and five spices. “Chef Alexandre’s gastronomic talent is apparent and we look forward to welcoming guests to the gourmand and refined world of Bord Eau,” says Siegfried Masson, restaurant manager of Bord Eau.

Bord Eau

Shangri-La, Qaryat Al-Beri

Abu Dhabi

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