Haute Yachts: Geffen’s $300M ‘Pelorus’ Meets the Starck-Designed ‘A’ in Majorca

David Geffen's 'Pelorus'

It looks as if the Mediterranean hotspot of Majorca is the site of an unofficial battle of the megayachts. DreamWorks founder and show biz tycoon David Geffen recently arrived in his 376-ft. Pelorus‘, which was purchased for $300 million from wealthy Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich a couple of months ago… but he’s not the only megayacht owner on the block…

According to JamesList, another Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko also arrived in Majorca, but on a megayacht upstaging Geffen’s in size – actually, make that the 15th largest yacht in the world. His 390-ft.A‘ yacht also boasts incredible design by the renowned Philippe Starck and one-upped Geffen’s craft in both sheer size and striking design.

Andrey Melnichenko's 'A'

Now here comes the fun stuff – features. Geffen’s ‘Pelorus’, one of two megayachts the mogul owns that rank among the top 20 largest yachts in the world (the other is the 453-ft.Rising Sun‘, formerly owned by Larry Ellison), boasts two helipads, a swimming pool, spa pool, and a lavish owner’s suite with 180-degree panoramic views and a private deck.

Melnichenko’s Starck-designed craft houses $40,000 bathroom faucets, $60,000 staircase banisters, an all-white 2,583-square foot master suite encompassed by bulletproof glass, which can only be accessed through a silver-plated staircase with a fingerprint scanning security measure at the door.

So who wins? We say they both do.