Skagen Denmark: Haute Watches for Fall

Your wrist…what has it been doing lately, really? A lift here, a knob turn there–plus all the Facebooking you’re doing instead of working, which is harder to do wristless than you may imagine. So all right, your wrist is kind of important, and deserves a just reward for time served being your handy little bundle of joints. My suggestion: adorn it, with Skagen Denmark’s new fall line of luxury timepieces for men and women.

Sticking to what they do best, the new line echoes the simple, refined styles Skagen is known for– plenty of fancy, without the frills. Founders Henri and Charlotte Jorst of Copenhagen believe every piece should be crafted from the finest, natural materials with clean, uncomplicated compositions. The new timepieces this season are works of art, emulating works of art.

For those interested in the heartier watch, the performance-driven men’s timepieces are rugged and sporty, made with durable stainless steel bands plated in titanium. The Black Label , Swiss Movement timpieces for men and women, on the other hand, offer a more aesthetic beauty, drawing inspiration from abstract art. For those who enjoy the highest fashion, there is the Cocktail timepiece, with diamonds, semi-precious stones and satin bands. The Executive wristwatch will follow you from boardroom to bar, the band made of genuine Italian leather with gold detailing.

If you are shopping here in Dallas, visit the Galleria or Northpark Mall’s Nordstrom stores. Or shop online at