2001 Breguet Anniversary Tourbillon

The rare 2001 Breguet anniversary tourbillon model, no. 867, is quite a beauty. Commemorating the invention of the tourbillon by the company founder Abraham Louis Breguet back over two centuries ago in 1801, resulted in the watch’s reference number, “1801.” The level of historical skill that was available back then is pretty astounding, and Breguet is a perfect example of that. This example  features an 18k white gold half hunter’s case. Pocket watches featuring this type of case design are common, but wristwatches like these are a true rarity.  A total of just 66 examples were made in this particular series, 28 of which were in white gold, another 28 in pink gold, and 10 in platinum. It’s value? $83,000.

Via: JamesList