Say It Ain’t Sloane

Prepare for an exquisite real-estate kick in the stomach. Manhattan’s most expensive mansion, known as Sloane Mansion and located on 18 East 68 Street, has just had its price chopped by nearly 40 percent, taking the haute property from last year’s listing price of $64 million to its current listing price of $39 million.

The owner’s of the luxurious home cite “other issues” as the reason for the price cut, indicating that they were left with no choice but to try and boost the home’s selling-appeal with the dramatic discount.

The Sloane Mansion is an incredible 18,267-square-foot property and it is owned by banking firm Capstone founders Joseph Ingrassia and Jon Rice. The pair purchased the home in 2007 for $20 million and it includes 15 bedrooms, 17 bathrooms, and 11 fireplaces.

Via: The Real Deal