The McCourt’s Divorce is Getting Dodgy

Owners of the Dodger baseball franchise, Frank and Jamie McCourt are entering into what is building up to be a very messy, and potentially nasty, divorce.

Haute Living recently reported that the estranged pair was indeed separated, yet they were purchasing multiple homes with close proximity to one another. Unfortunately, things don’t appear to be as peachy-keen as perhaps they were portraying, or as was assumed. Divorce papers have officially been filed and demands are already being clearly laid out, by both sides.

In Jamie’s divorce filing today, she claimed that the McCourt’s net worth is $1.2 billion, estimating that the Dodgers are worth $800 million. As co-owner of the Dodgers, she claims that the couple officially separated from one another on July 6 before her husband Frank “undertook a systematic campaign designed to intimidate me and drive me out of the Dodger’s franchise.” The documents outline that Jamie is demanding $320,967 per month in spousal support if she is permitted to be reinstated as Dodger’s CEO. If that reinstatement does not happen, Jamie is demanding $487,634 per month.

Other reported demands by Jamie this week include: travel by private jet, five-star hotel accommodation, unlimited travel expenses, business lunches and dinner five times per week, parking spots at Dodger Stadium, flowers in the office, making Dodger Legends available for events without charge, hair and make up for Dodger events, and access to team doctors for McCourt family members…to name a few. We assume all of this will fall under the “maintaining a standard of living equivalent to that experienced prior to divorce” category of the final divorce rulings…

Firing back at these somewhat hefty demands, Frank’s court filings say Jamie signed an agreement in March 2004 to put the Dodger’s in his name due to her concerns about the team’s unstable financial status. Jamie denies claims that there was not a co-owning agreement after this was signed, as Frank suggests.

Boston-born Frank McCourt and Baltimore-born Jamie McCourt met at Georgetown University, married in 1979 and have four adult sons. In 2004, the soon-to-be divorced pair bought the Dodgers in 2004 for approximately $430 million.

Via: LA Observed