New York’s Elite Know How to Celebrate

Now that the swimsuits are packed away, the fabulous Hamptons hats are placed back in their boxes, and the warm summer days slowly are becoming a distant memory, a whole new set of agendas, openings, and fetes arrive, enticing all of posh New York society. It seems as if September always cranks things up a bit, leaving a feeling of excitement and anticipation in the air, and with good reason.

The New York Philharmonic recently kicked off its season at Lincoln Center’s Avery Fischer Hall with the annual Opening Night Gala and concert. The event was a tremendous success as usual. Alec Baldwin, one of the gala’s chairmen, worked the room with his pizzazz and chatted up guests during cocktail hour. Billy Joel and his love interest, actress Alex Donnelly, also made an appearance, making their way through the glamorous crowd to the bar for a drink. Ronald and Evelyn Lauder were spotted smiling for cameras and gabbing with Bill Cunningham of the New York Times and Meryl Streep chatted with all who approached her.

Another group of elites and New York nobility were across town celebrating the Guggenheim’s 50th anniversary with the opening of “Kandinsky,” a comprehensive exhibition celebrating the artist’s accomplished career. Included was a private viewing in the museum’s underground theater of “Levels of Nothingness,” a performance installation piece conceived by Mexican artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, inspired by Kandinsky’s plethora of theories and works. Some of New York’s most prominent art scene figures attended the private viewing such as Larry Gagosian, David and Danielle Ganek, and Lisa Dennison. Isabella Rossellini performed the eclectic piece while robots reacted to her voice and projected light beams of various colors and forms around the theatre.

Afterwards, guests were moved to the rotunda to enjoy a meal prepared by renowned chef Peter Hoffman of SoHo’s Savory restaurant. This was yet again, another stylish and top-notch way to kick off the fall. Elite New Yorker’s always know how to do it best-either go big or go home!

Via Vanity Fair