The Rubell Family

CATEGORY: Thinkers
COMPANY: Rubell Family Collection

WHAT MAKES THEM HAUTE: They were the pioneers of what has since been referred to as the “Miami Model” of art collecting; Don Rubell and his wife Mera began amassing an expansive personal collection of contemporary art in 1964 in New York. In the early 90s, they decided to share it with the world, and opened the Rubell Family Collection in its current 45,000-square-foot warehouse in Wynwood. The family, made up of Don, Mera, their children Jennifer and Jason, and Jason’s wife Michelle, also operate the non-profit Contemporary Arts Foundation, which presents thematic presentations annually that often travel to other prestigious art institutions across the country. The Rubell Family Collection features 27 galleries, a research library with more than 30,000 volumes, a film and lecture theater, a new media room, a bookstore, a gift shop, and a sculpture garden. Each of the exhibitions shown at the gallery are owned by the Rubells, and it is often new acquisitions that provide the inspiration for new exhibits, such as the current “Beg Borrow and Steal,” which is rooted in Picasso’s quote, “Good artists borrow, great artists steal.”

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