Roman Jones & Mitchell Rubinson

CATEGORY: Entrepreneurs
COMPANY: Opium Group
INDUSTRY: Investment

WHAT MAKES THEM HAUTE: The British-born Jones helped put South Beach on the nightlife map when he partnered with Eric Milon to open The Living Room on Washington Avenue, and thus South Beach’s reputation for extremely exclusive nightlife was born. Today, Opium Group, a joint venture between Jones, Eric and Eric’s brother Francis, sets the standard when it comes to nightlife. Rubinson’s résumé is as impressive as it is diverse. His list of ventures runs the gamut from being a principal and adviser for The Opium Group to founding Armor Inspection Services and Drill Magazine, to being former chairman of the International Fast Food Corporation and of Capital Brands. He is able to attend to these ventures thanks to his investment firm, Integrated Equities Inc., which he founded in 1985. The year before that, he was the largest shareholder of Atlantic Federal Savings and Loan, which is now called Bank Atlantic. He also has a slew of properties in South Florida and is involved in many community and philanthropic endeavors.

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