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Equilibrate and Purify: Balance Facial at Al Qasr’s Talise Spa

Just a little ways off from Madinat Jumeirah’s Al Qasr Hotel, designed to replicate a Sheikh’s summer residence, is a tranquil sanctuary dedicated to the wellness of the mind and the body. One can reach Talise Spa by car through a private road, by a abra, a water taxi from Al Qasr, or by golf cart from the main entrance. Whichever you choose, the effect is magical – as you make your way towards the entrance of the spa, you pass through a variety of luscious plants and palm trees evoking the calming ambiance of a tropical oasis. Upon entry, friendly staff attentively greet you and bring you refreshing hand towels and soothing cucumber water. I’ve always found the lobby of Jumeirah’s Talise Spa to exude an air of pristine order, calm and professionalism. The venue is more than just a spa – it is a wellness center dedicated to the thorough examination of how to effectively balance the mind and the body. Wellness scans, a full-time naturopath, yoga classes and a variety of spa treatments make Talise Spa the epitome of care for the mind and the body. I finished my cucumber water and made my way through the multitude of unique treatment rooms designed in the manner of small, private oases, to arrive for my treatment – a Balance Facial.

Morikami Museum Gets Spooky With “Ghosts, Goblins and Gods” Japanese Art Exhibit

In Japan’s native religion Shinto, people share the world with spirits that inhabit humans and animals along with inanimate objects such as rocks and lakes. The Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens will open explores these spirits in “Ghosts, Goblins and Gods: The Supernatural in Japanese Art,” which opens Tuesday, May 22.