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Top 5 Vegetarian Restaurants In London

For a long time the vegetarian-dining scene in London was lacking a little zip. A frustrating number of the capital’s top restaurants either ignored vegetarians or else treated them with indifference – perhaps offering them a plate of pasta arrabiatta. The result? While carnivores cooed over their expertly prepared and beautifully presented entrees, their veggie counterparts were forced to get stuck into the bread bowl so as to stave off hunger pangs.

Fast forward to 2014 and fortunately – for the capital’s veggie contingent – it’s all change. London has followed in the footsteps of other cosmopolitan cities of cool such as Sydney, New York and LA and exploded with designated, upscale veggie eateries and raw food restaurants. All of whom serve up some of the most delicious dishes (sans meat) imaginable, helping to dispel the stereotype that veggie dining is Spartan and dull.

Here are five fabulous vegetarian restaurants in the capital that even the staunchest of carnivores will approve of…

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