25 Bond Gets Some Chiseled Features

Sculptor Ken Hiratsuka, whose unmistakable flowing, oceanic chisel designs have helped adorn the most lavish areas in New York and around the world, recently began work on an ambitious and beautiful sidewalk design at 25 Bond Street. Designed on jaw-dropping flamed Chinese granite, Hiratsuka’s design…Read The Full Post

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Five Addresses, One Property

Business must be good at Merrill Lynch. Just look at new CEO John Thain’s English home. The property is so large it spans three towns and actually has five addresses. This means that Thain has to pay property taxes in two separate districts, which are…Read The Full Post

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World’s Most Expensive Homes

For the third year running, Forbes, the source for all things rich, has compiled a list of the priciest pads on each continent, excluding Antarctica, which is not home to, well, any haute homes. The list only includes homes and apartments, not whole apartment buildings…Read The Full Post

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Betsey’s Modern Pad

To enter into Betsey Johnson’s New York Penthouse is to enter a world in which her imagination-as usual-runs wild. One enters through an aluminum front door resembling that of a spaceship, and lands inside the two-story penthouse. The loft’s walls are painted a pure white…Read The Full Post

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Stylist to the Stars Selling her Estate

Personal stylist Rachel Zoe, lauded for dressing stars like Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie (and criticized for perpetuating the stick figure look such stars are known for) is proud owner of a West Hollywood home that reflects her impeccable taste. Zoe and her husband, investment…Read The Full Post

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